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Project Review: Ecosystem-Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA)


The United Nations Environment (UNEP) in partnership with TBHEC-KNUST through a Small Scale Funding Agreement (SSFA) is implementing an Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA) Project. The objective of the Project is to scale up Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) by positioning it as among a menu of solutions, together with clean energy and ICT enabled linkages to market and supply chains among other market interventions. This is to maximise productivity of Africa’s food systems for income generation and food security simultaneously with mitigating emissions and enhancing ecosystem development.

Through the SSFA, TBHEC has supported the establishment of EBAFOSA national branches in selected African countries as well as providing support to some countries to enhance their capacity to drive agro-industrialization and low emissions development. These national branches are helping to catalyze the establishment of mutual partnerships among complementary state and non-state actors to bridge implementation gaps in establishing Ecosystem Based Adaptation-driven clean energy-powered agro-value addition enterprises. The target is to introduce EBA to cassava, sorghum and other food crops (e.g. vegetables) farmers and processors and link them to renewable energy-based value addition strategies (e.g. solar drying, packaging)to ensure Africa’s food systems are optimized and climate-proofed.