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About Us

About The Brew Hammond Energy CentreThe Brew-Hammond Energy Centre exists to provide the necessary training and backup for research and development, and expertise for efficient energy management and policy analysis. This is necessary for sustainable energy usage to support the developmental needs of Ghana and achievement of the ECOWAS targets as well as the MDGs. Initial activities in energy research and development have been on-going for years now at the College of Engineering (CoE); some of the results were communicated through the Energy Research Group (ERG) which became dormant for a while and is currently being revived. The establishment of an energy centre at KNUST will provide a platform for the expansion in the activities in a multidisciplinary manner, pulling all the resources available at the CoE and in other Colleges of the university, and help bring renewed dynamism into the energy research community at national level.

The Brew-Hammond Energy Centre, KNUST operates under the Office of the Provost of the College of Engineering and is headed by a Director appointed from among the Senior Members of the CoE. It is a virtual centre, in essence, and is mainly funded from projects undertaken by faculty members associated with the centre.

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