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The Brew-Hammond Energy Centre was established by KNUST some 15 years ago to harness the vast and varied expertise within the various Colleges of the University to promote energy research and development.  

The Centre works with multidisciplinary teams from all Colleges of the University and beyond to fulfil its mandate of providing research and advisory services towards the development of sustainable energy technologies in Ghana and across the African continent.

Since its founding, the Centre has provided a platform for the grooming of many talents in sustainable energy technologies within KNUST, across the country and over 25 other African countries.

The Centre has positively projected the image of the university globally, through its active engagement and advisory services to governments across the subregion and to key bilateral and multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, GIZ, USAID, ECOWAS, African Union, European Commission, IRENA and the UN System. Within Ghana, the centre was actively involved in the processes leading to the passage of Ghana’s first renewable energy law in 2011 (Act 832) and more recently supported the Government of Ghana at the request of the World Bank in shaping Ghana’s energy transition plan that was presented at COP 27 in Egypt.

For its contribution to continental efforts at extending electricity to the unelectrified, the African Union presented a citation to the Centre in 2014. The Centre was also adjudged the best research centre at KNUST in 2016 by the Office of Grants and Research (OGR).

As the Center strategizes for the next level of national and continental impact, we now invite Senior Members of KNUST to enroll as Fellows. Please use the link below to provide your details (by 31st January 2024):