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The Brew-Hammond Energy Centre (TBHEC), under the auspices of the College of Engineering is implementing a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) funded project titled “Africa Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) Modeling, Implementation and Peer Learning Project (Africa LEDS Project)”.

UNEP has granted part of the funds for the project to award qualified candidates to undertake high quality PhD research focused on addressing development challenges related to sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, productive uses of energy and climate change.

The Brew-Hammond Energy Centre conducted interviews for the shortlisted applicants on 10th September, 2020. The Selection Committee members for the interview were:

  1. Prof. G. K. Anornu (Chairman)
  2. Prof. Francis Kemausuor (Member)
  3. Dr. Edward Awafo (Member/Secretary)
  4. Dr. Kwasi Obirikorang (Member)
  5. Dr. Lena Dzifa Mensah (Member)

In all, ten (10) candidates were interviewed. Candidates were asked questions to explore their understanding of the research proposal they submitted, published papers, as well as their preparedness to undertake full time postgraduate studies. Their ability to serve as a Research Assistant to TBHEC and their experience with modeling were also investigated.

Based on the recommendations of the Selection Committee, the following three (3) persons were selected for funding support.

  1. Prosper Owusu Achaw, PhD. Bioengineering
  2. Esther Aba Essel, PhD Food and Post-Harvest Engineering
  3. Benson Ahunu, PhD. Sustainable Energy Technologies

These students will begin the programme in 2021/2022 academic year.