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Energy Efficiency for Households and SMEs – Kumasi Role Out

The German Cooperation in Ghana through GIZ in partnership with the Energy Foundation implemented the Energy Efficiency for Household and SMEs project with funding from the German Government. The project was being executed in collaboration with higher educational institutions across targeted regional capitals in Ghana.

The Energy Efficiency for Households and SMEs project was intended to introduce best practices in households and SMEs to improve energy use efficiency through the provision of energy-saving advisory support to electricity end-users. The first phase of the project was carried out in Accra.

The Brew-Hammond Energy Centre collaborated with the GIZ/Energy Foundation for the Kumasi role out, which was the second phase of the project. In this phase of the project, 120 Energy Efficiency Advisors (EEAs) were recruited, trained and dispatched to cover over 6000 households and SMEs in Kumasi, undertake a two-week energy efficiency advisory and data collection activity. Technical information such as power ratings, energy efficiency ratings and hours of use, on electrical appliances (refrigerators/freezers, light bulbs, fans, hairdryers, etc.) were gathered by the EEAs. The Kumasi role outlasted for two (2) months, started on October 23rd to November 30th, 2018 with a follow-up review in March 2019.