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Renewable Energy Technology Transfer (RETT)

The China-Ghana South-South Cooperation on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer (RETT) is a four-year project (2015-2018) with funding from the Danish Government. The project was implemented by the Energy Commission with the support of the UNDP offices in Ghana and China. The Energy Commission Partnered with TBHEC, KNUST on specific aspects of this project. Within the Partnership, a criterion was developed and specifications established to identify the technologies - Solar Irrigation Systems and Solar LED street lighting systems- that were transferred, which was accompanied by an in-depth review of readily available technologies in China that were potentially suitable for transfer to Ghana. TBHEC contributed to the conduct of feasibility studies that involved on-site visits to locations nationwide that was aimed at selecting facilities for demonstration. TBHEC’s immense contribution in the corporation was seen in the following;

  1. The conduction of regional market research and an “Inputs Value Chain analysis” on the potential transfer technologies. 
  2. The development of adaptation strategies for RE technologies selected for transfer and supported the setting up of demonstration/pilot sites. 
  3. Supported the PMU and other parties to design and implement on-the-job training for maintenance and servicing of RETs to ensure sustainability.
  4. Actively involved in the development of institutional financing mechanisms to scale up demonstrated technologies in Ghana and developed business models to support private sector involvement and public-private partnership in RETT in Ghana.

The Centre’s partnership with the Energy Commission closed in 2018 after a successful accomplishment of the partnership goals.