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Visit from Koforidua Technical University

Visit from Koforidua Technical University

On the 28th of March, 2019, The Brew-Hammond Energy Centre (TBHEC) hosted twenty-two students, one lab technician and two lecturers from the Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Koforidua Technical University. The purpose of the visit was to tour the centre’s key project laboratories.

They were taken round the various setups and demonstrations were made to show them how the setups operate where time allowed.

They visited the following setups:

  • Biomass Engineering Laboratory
  • Jatropha Oil Press and Value Chain system
  • Smart Grid Energy Management System
  • Solar Thermal Training Centre
  • Biogas Laboratory
  • Solar PV Module Performance (Reliability and Efficiency) Research and Test Facility
  • 20 KWp Experimental Grid-Connected Solar PV System
  • Solar Energy Applications Laboratory
  • Yam barn
  • Solar-Biomass Hybrid Dryer

At the end of the tour, both the students and the lecturers alike were very impressed with the research work and setups that the centre has and the quest of the centre to become one of the global leaders in renewable energy research.