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08 Nov 2016

Supporting LEDS and NDC implementation in Africa through the Africa LEDS Partnership

12:00 PM Salle 2, Africa Pavilion, Marrakech


  1. Introduction and brief remarks – Stephen King’uyu, Ministry of Environment, Kenya - 10 min
  2. Presentation on Africa LEDS Partnership (about partnership, activities, operations, resources, etc.) – Eddie Awafo -15 min
  3. Panel Discussion – 30 min

Moderator: Stephen King’uyu


  • Esther Wagombe, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Kenya
  • Trinto Mugangu, Ministry of Environment, DRC
  • John Yeboah, ECREEE

Remarks on the LEDS Global Partnership – Janet Strachan, Co-Director of LEDS Global Partnership – 5 min

Exchange with audience – 45 min

Salle 2, Africa Pavilion, Marrakech On General