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Call for Applications - Intra Africa Academic Mobility Scheme

The Project Goal and Specific Objectives:

The Brew-Hammond Energy Centre (TBHEC), KNUST together with five (5) other partners from African Higher Education Institutions is implementing a project titled ”Fostering Research and Intra-African Knowledge Transfer through Mobility and Education (FRAME)”.

FRAME is a part of the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme which is set up under the Pan-African Programme (Development Cooperation Instrument) and is based on the experience of the Intra-ACP Academic Mobility Scheme.

The programme’s objective is to improve the skills and competences of students and staff through enhanced mobility between African countries. The specific objective is to implement Master’s, Doctoral level and staff mobilities via a strong graduate research and studies programme (GRSP) on Food, Energy, and Water Security (F.E.W.S) with a suite of academic programmes on offer at the partner institutions.

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What the Scholarship Offers:

The scholarship package covers the following:

Travel and visa expenses

  • One (1) return flight ticket according to travel bands
  • Visa costs related to the mobility

Monthly allowance

  • Master’s: €600 and Doctorates: €900
  • One-month equivalent settling-in allowance
  • One extra month for female candidates
  • Insurance cost (medical, travel, accident)
  • €75 maximum per month

Who is Eligible to Apply?

A person, who is a national of a member state of the African Union and resident in Africa, and:

Target Group 1:

Being registered/admitted in or having obtained a HEI degree or equivalent (i.e. alumni) from one of the HEIs involved in the partnership (including the lead applicant)

Target Group 2:

Being registered/admitted or having obtained a HEI degree from HEI not involved in the partnership but established in Africa.


Where to Study:

FRAME Fields of Study:


Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia:

Field of Study: PhD in Spatial Science; Engineering and Natural Resources Science.


University of Buea, Cameroon:

Field of Study: Master’s of Science in Agricultural Economics; Science in Wetland Ecology and Management and PhD in Agronomy (Crop Production).


Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana:

Field of Study: PhD in Food and Post-Harvest Engineering; Sustainability Energy Technologies and Master’s of Renewable Energy Technologies.


Hawassa University, Ethiopia:

Field of Study: Master’s of Soil and Water Engineering, Plant Science and PhD in Plant Science; Animal Science and Animal Breeding and Genetics.


University of the Free State, South Africa:

Field of Study: Master’s in Agricultural Economics; Master’s of Science in Soil Science, Agronomy or Agrometeorology and PhD in Disaster Management



04 September 2020



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